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ABTO Committees

The following Committees are provided to facilitate the exchange of information:

bulk terminal operations

Members Advisory Panel (MAP)

This provides guidance to the secretariat on the issues of importance to the industry.

Biomass Group (BG)

The growing use of biomass in power generation has resulted in a new set of issues arising around the handling storage and transportation of these fuels. This group facilitates the exchange of best practice and highlights the lessons learnt when significant issues have arisen.


The MAP provides guidance to the ABTO secretariat of the current and relevant issues influencing the technical, commercial, environmental and market conditions affecting bulk terminal operations.


All ABTO administrative and management functions are provided by the Maritime Association Management Company (Maritime AMC Limited) which was formed by four senior members of the maritime community, all of whom have extensive knowledge of the global bulk shipping sector.

The structure recognises that in modern times members do not have time to devote hours or even days to the issues which need the attention of the Association. The MAP provides clear guidance which is then acted upon by the Secretariat.

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