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ABTO - purpose

The Association of Bulk Terminal Operators (ABTO)

Born out of an under representation of the sector at national government and international regulatory level.

ABTO seeks to provide a voice for bulk terminal operators, at a national and international level, providing a forum for its members to discuss the issues impacting seaborne trade and the global transportation of bulk commodities.

ABTO encourages the free and frank exchange of opinion to enable the bulk sector to present a united front in all discussions with governments, shippers, shipowners and operators in order to promote and protect member interests


DateLatest News Item
31 October 2018 The bulk sector is navigating its way out of the doldrums but market correction has come at a price, delegates attending Bulk Terminals 2018 learned last week. READ MORE 
1 October 2018 Cyber weak spot exposed at Bulk Terminals 2018. READ MORE
11 September 2018 Buttimer Engineering confirmed as second sponsor of Bulk Terminals 2018
18 July 2018 Dr Sebastian Saxe, Chief Digital Officer, Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation, Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg and Chief Digital Officer, Hamburg Port Authority will introduce smartPORT to Bulk Terminals 2018
13 July 2018 Dr Federico Carvajal, Telecommunications Engineer, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia presenting the EU SAURON project at Bulk Terminals 2018
10 July 2018 Jens Christian Nielsen, Managing Director, Frachtcontor to speak on "The prospects for the dry bulk market" at Bulk Terminals 2018.
9 July 2018 Daniel Hosseus, Managing Director, ZDS - Association of German Seaport Operators, confirmed as speaking at Bulk Terminals 2018 on the subject of "Macro Challenges"
3 July 2018  Richard Posner, President, Dust Control Inc, confirmed as speaking at Bulk Terminals 2018
15 June 2018 Anthony van der Hoest, Director Commerce, MTBS, confirmed as speaking at Bulk Terminals 2018 on the subject of "Investment drivers for dry bulk terminals"
7 June 2018 igus confirmed as the first sponsorof Bulk Terminals 2018
31 October 2017 "The maritime industry is 5-10 years behind other industries in terms of cyber security," said Templar Executives Andrew Fitzmaurice yesterday at Bulk Terminals 2017.
31 October 2017 China to slash steel producion by 50 million tonnes a month in Q4 2017 to reduce emissions, says Drewry's Susan Oatway at ABTO Bulk Terminals 2017 conference
25 October 2017 Lord Prescott to join special rail connectivity sesssion at Bulk Terminals 2017
29 September 2017 ABTONews Issue 11 published
20 September 2017 Growing support for Bulk Terminals 2017 with new sponsors and exhibitors. See the full list of supporting organisations here
15 September 2017 Bulk Terminals 2017 Conference spaces now becoming limited. Make sure to secure your place at this year's event 
12 September 2017 ABTO executives took part in London International Shipping Week and attended various events
14 August 2017 ABTO Members can now benefit from all regulatory updates and reports from CCC-4, MEPC71, MEPC 70, and CCC-3
10 July 2017 Redcar Bulk Terminals joins ABTO READ MORE
23 June 2017 Liquefaction testing needs rethink READ MORE
22 June 2017 ABP Humber joins ABTO membership
16 June 2017 ABTO Publishes first edition of Bulk Terminals International Magazine
15 November 2016 Inchcape Shipping Services has warned that some ports in New Zealand's South Island remain affected following the recent earthquake. 
10 November 2016 New cargo flows needs amid falling imports - read more 
8 November 2016 AbtoNews issue 3 now available - READ MORE
2 November 2016 LNG is not the marine fuel for reducing GHGs, says ABTO chief executive in this press article - READ MORE
29 September 2016 AbtoNews issue 2 now available - READ MORE
20 September 2016

Cargo Liquefaction A Problem For Bulk Terminals - READ MORE 

3 September 2016

Hurricane Warning: Shippers face severe delay at Terminals on the southeastern seaboard of the US as Hurricane Hermine approaches

1 August 2016

Reader Comments

"An organization like this is very much needed to represent the issues at the highest level. And also using this platform, members can share their best practices (which helped them in improving their operational efficiency) with other members". - Sudhakar
10 July 2016

New website launched for ABTO - READ MORE

8 July 2016 New voice for the bulk trades - READ MORE

Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) is advising that some ports remain affected following the 7.5 magnitude earthquake in central New Zealand.

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