About ABTO

ABTO was formed in mid-2016 to address an under representation of the sector at the international regulatory as well as national governmental levels – which we believed needed to change. When you consider that there are over a dozen ship-owner associations at IMO, the terminal community is vastly under represented.

The team at ABTO delivers effective representation for the industry.  The association provides a voice for bulk terminal operators at both the national and international levels, as well as providing a forum for its members to discuss the issues impacting the global transportation of bulk commodities. 

ABTO encourages the free and frank exchange of opinion to enable the sector to present a united front in all discussions with governments, shippers, shipowners and operators, in order to promote and protect member interests.

ABTO provides a service to bulk terminal operating companies by:

1.  Helping to establish a favourable operating environment by way of a forum for discussion on non-competitive issues

2.  Providing up-to-date information and market intelligence in order to help strengthen and support business development strategies

3.  Lobbying governments and administrations to ensure they are aware of the issues affecting the transportation of bulk cargoes, and consequently global trade

4.  Providing a forum to meet suppliers to explore ways to increase efficiencies and regulatory compliance


 Our Mission

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